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Abdomen liposuction for men

With age men tend to accumulate excess fat. Due to physiology they usually carry excess fat in the abdomen. No matter how hard men exercise and work out at the gym or follow a strict diet they can't achieve the result they want. In this case liposuction helps to sculpture the body contour deformities. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that enables removal of excess fat from the abdomen.

The differences of male and female liposuction in the abdomen

In men the structure of the subcutaneous fat tissue and the areas it deposits are different to compare to women. The fat cells in male body are more fibrous, dense and resilient. As a result it requires increased amount of time and effort of a liposuction surgeon to perform the procedure. The plastic surgeon takes into account special characteristics of the male anatomy to destroy and remove the subcutaneous fat and contour a flat abdomen.

Indications for liposuction

Men require surgical procedure to get rid of fat in the abdomen if there is:

  • Visible contour deformities at the site of excess fat deposit.
  • Class1 or Class2 obesity.
  • Fat deposit doesn't respond to diet and exercise
  • Preparation for liposuction surgery

As liposuction is indeed a major surgery the patient should get a complete medical history and a full medical examination prior to the procedure to avoid any contraindications.

The patient requires to have a consultation with general practitioner, cardiologist and anesthesiologist prior to the surgical procedure. He also requires to do lab tests, ECG and fluorography test.

If there are no contraindications to the surgery the patient receives the final pre-operative instructions from his plastic surgeon.

Liposuction procedure

In most cases excess fat is removed with tumescent liposuction. As a result there is no extra skin sagging in the abdominal area after they take out excess fat.

Abdomen liposuction for men has several stages:

  • Disinfection of the skin of the abdomen and flanks
  • Anesthesia. Usually general anesthesia is used.
  • Injection of medication to shrink blood vessels. It is performed to avoid damage to large size arteries and blood vessels when they insert a cannula.
  • Several one centimeter incisions are made in the area of umbilical ring. The cuts are hidden in natural skin folds and stay invisible.
  • Insertion of a special surgical tube (cannula) with a very thin diameter under the skin and it's careful manipulation
  • Removal of subcutaneous fat.
  • Insertion of a drain tube to enhance the post-operative fluids to flow out.
  • Suturing.

The operation does not exceed two hours. Often this surgical procedure is combined with abdominoplasty and strengthening of stomach muscles to enhance the outcome of abdomen contouring. As a result muscles get toned and abdomen looks flat.


Recovery process in men is more complicated than in women because men have low pain threshold and have a high tendency to develop hematoma and scars.

To accelerate skin cells regeneration the compression garment is wrapped at the end of surgical procedure. The patient should wear it for three weeks. For a month there are hematomas , numbness, excessive swelling and bruising. This is a normal reaction of the human body caused by body fluid redistribution.

During rehabilitation the patient has the following restrictions:

  • No physical exercise.
  • No exposure to any heating objects
  • No exposure to the intense sunlight and no use of tanning bed
  • It is important to take anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs for seven days to prevent infections.


About three liters of fat can be taken out of man's abdomen and flanks with liposuction. The average decrease of waist circumference is five centimeters. It stays the same for quite a long time if the patient follows all doctor's recommendations. Even if a man gains weight, fat will deposit in the areas different to areas of liposuction procedure.

After two months of rehabilitation process one can notice the final results.