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"Mommy Makeover"package for mother's body transformation after having a baby

The shape of woman's body often changes after pregnancy and having a baby. Some mothers manage to shed those extra pounds and regain their pre-pregnancy figure after childbirth while others exhaust themselves with diets and physical exercise with no good result. It all happens because of age, the number of births given and the human body physiology.

Only plastic surgery can help the situation when the shape of the nipples and the size of mammary glands change, skin loses its elasticity, vaginal tissues stretch and subcutaneous fat layer thickens. And very often to fix the problems it requires to have two surgeries simultaneously.

General information

Mommy Makeover is the name of the list of body correction surgeries that is popular in America. It is performed to improve the shape of various parts of the body changed after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Gradually this approach is gaining popularity in Russia as just one surgery can fix several problems. It is important to choose wisely what is right for you and combine the surgeries such that there is no harm to your body or recovery process.


The program allows you to fix the following postpartum problems:

  • Saggy breast
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Change in mammary glands shape and size
  • Abdominal separation(diastasis).
  • Uneven breast growth
  • Excess fat in local areas
  • Extra skin in the belly, on the hips and decollete area
  • Vaginal stretch affecting the quality of sex
  • Overhanging "apron" of skin in the abdominal area

In most cases the age of the patient is over 30. At this age the tissue regeneration and body recovery processes slow down. There are also patients whose body changed dramatically after having several pregnancies.

Galina Khrushch comments

It is necessary to discuss the details of the package you need at in-person consultation. There is no way one can do the whole list of body corrections with just one general anesthesia as it can have a huge impact on the body. It is necessary to do surgeries gradually, except for those that can be combined. Do not be frustrated with the doctor if he says you can not have abdomen and breasts procedures at the same time.The surgeon knows better what surgeries can be performed simultaneously without the risk of complications.


Benefits of having a package of plastic surgery corrections after childbirth Combining several surgeries in one has a lot of advantages.

First, having multiple plastic surgeries procedures at once you save time. You have just one preoperative preparation period for all of them. Every time you have a single surgery you need to have preoperative preparation period again.


Secondly, in terms of money it's more beneficial to have a set of medical procedures done to compare to a single plastic surgery cost: you pay for lab tests and anesthetics once but they are used to perform several surgeries at once. And you don't need to pay a hospital stay twice.

Third, risks and complications associated with general anesthesia are reduced. Recovery period is easier and takes less time.

Plastic surgery preparation

Before you do a plastic surgery you should consult your gynecologist. The gynecologist allows the surgery only after the lactation period is complete and the body weight comes to normal.

One needs to have a thorough Pre-op Checkup, do laboratory tests to identify possible limitations of surgery.

Galina Khrushch comments

Preoperative preparation period is an important process and should be taken seriously.You have a full body examination to identify abnormalities. Do not provide false medical records and lab tests as these “pieces of paper”is the key to successful operation. If your body is healthy you'll hardly have any complications after surgery.That's why I strongly recommend to my patients to do lab tests and body examination with high responsibility.


Types of plastic operations included in “Mommy Makeover”:

As a rule, the list includes:

  • Correction of mammary glands asymmetry. Mammary glands and nipple-areolar complex position is corrected.
  • Endoprosthesis. Breast enlargement as a result of breast implant procedure.
  • Mastopexy. Breast lift improves breast aesthetics, reduces stretch marks.
  • Abdominoplasty. Abdominal correction allows you to remove loose excess skin from the abdomen and tighten loose muscles. May be partial or complete.
  • One can add to the list:
  • Intimate surgery. Vagina tightening, pelvic floor muscles toning, trimming/enhancement of labia minora and labia majora.
  • Liposuction of thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Elimination of excess body fat.
  • Reduction. Breast reduction.
  • Umbilicoplasty.To change the appearance of bellybutton.

Each type of plastic procedure is selected strictly individually. To compile a list it requires to take into account any contraindications, patient's wishes, skin elasticity and muscle ptosis.

Postoperative period

For several days the patient stays in the hospital to be safe and observed.Later If there are no complications the patient is dismissed from hospital. It is important to be on bed rest for at least three weeks.To accelerate rehabilitation process the patient needs to follow all doctor's recommendations. The patient should wear compression underwear for three months.