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Contour plasty

What should you do if face already requires professional care, and it's too early to do a plastic surgery?

To address to the cosmetician behind carrying out contour plasty - non-surgical modeling of the face with the help of fillers. Today contour plastic is very popular among young women. Estimating her incredible opportunities, they regularly go to their doctors for another "portion of beauty and youth."

The spectrum of aesthetic problems that can be solved with contour plastics is very wide. As well as a line of drugs for this procedure. Fillers for contour plastics contain hyaluronic acid, which, in turn, is an important factor in the beauty and health of our skin. It is contained in any organism and therefore poses no danger to it. Conversely, a lack of hyaluronic acid can lead to a variety of aesthetic problems.

Commented by Dr. Galyna Khrushch

Contour plastic is an excellent tool for beauty and face modeling. With this procedure, you can greatly improve the skin condition, perform contour modeling, make lip voluminization, cheekbones, and chin and align the skin. Together, this gives a pronounced effect of rejuvenation, therefore contour plasty is often called a "brace without surgery". The main advantage of contour plastics is that it is a safe procedure that takes place in 30 minutes and does not require rehabilitation. Patients, whom I spend, contouring plastic, often bring to me their friends, colleagues, moms and sisters. This suggests that modeling the face with fillers based on hyaluronic acid gives a tremendous effect, which others highly appreciate.

Nose’s contour plastic or rhinoplasty without surgery

Eliminate the shortcomings of the shape of the nose and make the profile ideal now and without surgical rhinoplasty. Contour nose plasty with the help of fillers is the right solution for the specialists. Due to this minimally invasive non-surgical technique, patients for 20-30 minutes have the opportunity to align the back of the nose, improve the tip of the nose, the wings of the nose, remove the hump and smooth wrinkles on the nose, and improve the aesthetics of scars after rhinoplasty. Non-surgical nose plastic with fillers is the choice of those who, due to various circumstances, can’t decide on a full aesthetic rhinoplasty or who are not sure of the advisability of surgical nose plasty. However, with all its numerous advantages, non-operative rhinoplasty has a number of limitations on indications and does not solve the functional problems of the nose. To solve complex aesthetic problems and return the nose to its main function - healthy breathing, it is necessary to carry out traditional rhinoseptoplasty.

Contour lip plasty or how to enlarge the lips

Lips are an attribute of femininity, attention is always attracted to them. However, not every woman is happy with her lips: someone thinks they are too thin and wants to increase the volume, but someone does not like the form. Contour lips plastic can meet the needs of any woman. With the help of filler-volumizers you can increase the volume of lips, correct their shape and moisten the skin of the lips.

How to increase the lips? Today, for this it is enough to make a call to your beautician and make an appointment for a consultation. At internal examination the expert, considering your wishes, will make the plan of correction and will recommend, what filler to do correction of lips in. The range of fillers for contour lip plastics is very diverse. Despite the difference in price and other features, all preparations are safe for the patient's health and allow achieving the desired result.

The procedure of contour lip plasty is painless and it takes no more than 30-40 minutes to perform it. In the early days there may be a slight puffiness, but there will be no painful sensations. As a rule, fillers allow you to save the result from 8 months or more. Some drugs last to 1.5-2 years.

Commented by Dr. Galyna Khrushch

I work with many drugs for lips augmentation and I do it long and successfully. Therefore, my patients, I can offer the best fillers, the results of which they will not be disappointed. The good thing of all these drugs is that they already contain an anesthetic in their composition, so for anesthesia it will be sufficient to apply an anesthetic cream.


Contour cheekbones and chin plastic

Contour plastic is, first of all, the modeling of the face with the help of fillers. Thanks to the possibilities of this procedure, patients can get a "model" face with pronounced "raised" cheekbones, clear contours of the jaw and chin. With age, our face loses volume, which affects its perception of others. The face that has lost its volume looks old. Return "the volume of youth" can be with the help of fillers. A specialist during an internal consultation is conducting an analysis of your face. To the result was harmonious and did not violate the natural perception of others, the cosmetologist will determine the scope of the forthcoming correction. To model the cheekbones, chin and corners of the jaw requires more dense filler, which will "hold" these parts of the face.

Among my patients there are well-known models for which the ideal face is half of success. Public people do not always have the opportunity to make an image plastic surgery, so their choice is modeling the face with fillers. Thanks to the contour plastic it is possible to increase the volume of the cheekbones and "raise" them, correct the contours of the face and improve the shape of the chin.

Contour face plastic - smooth wrinkles

Another spectrum of problems that can be corrected by contouring is wrinkles. After 25 years, our skin requires attention because of accelerating the aging process. The first signs of this inevitable process are small wrinkles, which eventually deepen and become furrows. Contour plastic filler allows to smooth small mimic wrinkles and deeper "structural" wrinkles. With the help of fillers, you can even out the relief of the skin: smooth wrinkles on the forehead, remove nasolabial folds, nasolacrimal furrow, eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid will not just fill wrinkles, but also improve the structure of the skin.

Contour plasty – bioreinforcement

With age, our skin becomes inelastic, dry, with wrinkles and other age-related problems appear on it. The oval of the face "floats", the complexion becomes dull, and the skin itself seems lifeless. Not surprisingly, the process of cell regeneration has slowed down. What to do? How to restore a healthy look to your skin? Specialists recommend bioreinforcement - a course of procedures to rejuvenate the skin of the face. With the help of microinjection, hyaluronic acid-based filler is introduced into problem areas and creates a kind of "biological framework" that nourishes and "holds" the skin, prevents it from sagging.

Bioreinforcement allows you to smooth out the relief of the skin, increase its elasticity, elasticity. After the procedure, the skin becomes moisturized, smooth, acquires a uniform healthy color. The result can last from 1 year to 2 years, depending on the drug chosen and the individual characteristics of the patient (genetic factor, lifestyle, additional skin care). Bioreinforcement is a painless procedure, performed for 30-40 minutes and does not require rehabilitation. Results can be assessed immediately, but the whole mechanism of rejuvenation will be launched in 3-4 weeks.

Commented by Dr. Galyna Khrushch

My patients regularly (approximately every 1.5-2 years) come to the procedure of bioreinforcement. They highly appreciate the possibilities of this procedure, because it allows for a long time to rid the skin of dryness, flabbiness, and smooth wrinkles and generally tighten it. My colleagues, for who to look good is one of the key factors of trust on the part of patients, come to me for bio-reinforcement.


Contour plastic. Photo after the procedure

The results of contour lip plasty can be estimated from photos taken before and after the procedure. On the website of Galyna Khrushch there are photos before and after the contour lips plasty (photo before and after the lip augmentation), photos before and after the non-surgery plastics of the nose (photos before and after the contour plasty of the nose), before and after the contour plasty of the cheekbones, photo before and after contour plasty of the chin, as well as photos before and after bioreinforcement. All these photos allow you to see and evaluate the result of contour face plasty.

Contour plastic by Galyna Khrushch. Patients reviews

The main advantage of G.V. Khrushch as a specialist is that she always meets the expectations of her patients, who leave positive comments about her work. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the reviews about contour plastics at Galyna Khrushch:

Already 3 times in a row I make lips at Galyna Viktorovna. At me they by nature are inexpressive - neither form, nor volume. I always wanted seductive luxury on my face, but I managed to do it only when I got on the advice of my acquaintance to Glina Khrushch. She explained to me what fillers are for lip augmentation, what they are, how much they cost, how they differ, and, most importantly, why they are 100% safe. After that, I have 80% of doubts dissipated. There was only a small fear that I would be hurt during the procedure. But I also got rid of this fear when I found out that the fillers already have an anesthetic and, additionally, before the procedure, the doctor "frozen" my lips. And really, during the lips augmentation, I did not feel anything. Everything passed quickly and painlessly. The first 2 days there was edema and I looked like all the girls who "overdid" with plastic))) However, then the swelling was disappeared and I was satisfied with the result. The effect is enough for about a year and a half. And then I come to Galyna and make it again! I recommend to everyone! Do and do not be afraid!!!

    Contour lips plasty. Eugenia Romanova's response, Moscow, 34 years old

Girls, have you ever imagined that the shape of the nose can be corrected without surgery !? I, t could not imagine, too! When I read on the Internet about non-surgical rhinoplasty, at first I thought it was another "duck" or another "divorce." Then she began to study the question carefully and found that the contour plastic nose can really eliminate the shortcomings of the shape of the nose and make it a scalpel, blood, anesthesia and other horrors of the operation. I appointed for a consultation for the best specialist in contour nose plasty - to Galyna Khrushch. This plastic surgeon, and beautician, and in general a very nice girl! I made nose and in the future I plan to just improve my form. From the surgery I abstain, because I am very afraid. And the results of non-surgical nose plasty last for 2 years!

   Contour nose plasty. Review of Maria Konovalova, Moscow, 29 years old

3 years ago I have done max-lifting at Galyna Khrushch. Excellent pulled my face, but the skin after the operation and remained dry, in fine wrinkles. It is clear that a plastic surgery does not relieve the age-related problems on the skin, so I asked my doctor to help me with this. Galyna Viktorovna proposed a number of procedures, of which I chose bioreinforcement with fillers. The procedure took no more than 30 minutes, without pain, without blood, without rehabilitation. The skin was young before our eyes. For some couple of weeks, she began to look healthy. The "mesh" of wrinkles disappeared, the relief was smoothed out, the color became uniform, the elasticity of the skin increased, it became elastic. I was very enthusiastic about both the braces and the results of bio-reinforcement! And I want to say that it's good when one person is involved in your face! Many thanks to Galyna Viktorovna for my young, beautiful and healthy face!

   Contour face plasty. Bioreinforcement. Review of Anna Petrosyan, Moscow, 48 years old

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Breast Augmentation Case 1

Patient is 30 years old. Addressed to increase the size of the breast. After preliminary consultation and coordination with the patient, we used round, textured implants 315 cm, high profile during the operation. Inframammary access, the location of the implant under the large pectoral muscle. Photos after the operation made in 2 years.

Breast Augmentation Case 6

This patient is 30 years old.Breast augmentation And Breast lift. This Patient 30years old .Before the procedure,the patient was a size A Preoperatively.The anatomical silicone high profile implants 285 ссwere used giving the patient postoperative size B Breasts.The Location of the incision was Peri-areolar And was sup-pectoral.The technique used during surgery was Periareolar Technique.Photos After for this patient were taken 2 years postoperatively.


I do not know how to write beautifully and lofty)) But I can do it from the heart. With my soul I address to Galyna Viktorovna and thank her with all my heart. She made me breast augmentation. In general, my breast was complicated ... All the negative factors affected the shape and size. Plus, genetics and objective factors)) But1

I removed puffy circles under the eyes. I look vigorous, young)) To a man's plastic was treated badly until he tried it. I thank Galyna for transforming my views and for the results, of course!

I still have plaster on my nose and rehabilitation at full speed. But I already want to say thank to Galyna Viktorovna. She has an easy hand, so I do not feel any inconvenience. All is good. At work, many are aware that I made a nose. And many are already planning to change something in themselves, looking at me.1

I want to thank Galyna Khrushch for the operations, which I managed to do at the age of 60. This is a face lift - I myself do not believe that it's me when I look in the mirror. This abdominoplasty - the removal of fat and skin after losing weight by 30 kg. This brachioplasty is a correction of1

Galyna Viktorovna, I fly in the sky))) Thanks for the nose! Thank you for the breast! Yes, 2 operations - this is not an easy task, but how much positive and changes it brings to life! I wish you great happiness and prosperity! Thank you for the warmth, kindness and sincerity with which you work!

I decided to do blepharoplasty. After the operation, I looked younger: the look became open, the gloomy expression disappeared. The internal state has also improved - and it's wonderful! If I decide again on plastic surgery on my face, I'll do it with Galyna Viktorovna, because now I know for sure that this woman can be trusted!

After childbirth I began to complex in occasion of a stomach or belly. Refused to travel to the sea, she changed her tight-fitting clothes to a shabby one. She pretended that everything was fine. But at one point asked the question: how much can you deceive yourself? And I started looking for a plastic surgeon. Honestly, Galyna Khrushch chose intuitively1

She did rhinoplasty with Galyna. Immediately after the removal of gypsum, the nose seemed large due to swelling, but even then it was already clear that the form became more aesthetic. Now all the tissues have healed and it is clear that the spout turned out cute. The doctor removed the hump and adjusted the lowered tip. As a result,1

Galyna, thank you very very much! My little face is pretty much prettier! Mezo-threads work wonders ... but provided that they are put by Galyna)))) I kiss and embrace! Your Katya

I made the plastic of the upper and lower eyelids at Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was necessary, because creases and bags added age, the look always seemed tired. The result is amazing - I look much younger. The rehabilitation period is short and painless enough. I was determined to endure, but I could not endure, as it turned out, nothing1

I made the plastic of the upper and lower eyelids of Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was necessary, because creases and bags added age, the look always seemed tired. The result is amazing - I look much younger. The rehabilitation period is short and painless enough. I was determined to endure, but I could not endure, as it turned out, nothing1

I increased my breast in Galyna in March this year. I'm very glad that I chose this surgeon. Tactful, accurate, caring woman! Patiently answered all my questions. And also, most importantly, listened attentively and took into account all the wishes. The operation was more than successful. We put anatomical high-profile implants with a volume of 350ml. The result is fully1

In the summer Galyna Khrushch performed two surgeries at the same time – liposuction knees and blepharoplasty. Fat from the knees was removed with the help of RF-lipo, as it still perfectly tightens and rejuvenates the skin in the area where fat is removed. And the eyelids are transconjunctival, since there were hernias under the eyes. Neither on the knees,1

Of all my post-partum troubles, the smallest chest considered the largest. However, on September 12, thanks to Galyna, this problem was solved. Access through the armpits, put anatomical implants. I still wear compression underwear, but I already enjoy the splendor and beauty of my bust. Galyna, you are an incomparable talented doctor. I wish you success in the future!

It's nice when you come to the doctor and you realize that you are in good hands. Probably, I would never have decided on endoscopy of the face, if I had not got to Galyna. Prior to her was 3 surgeons, but the spark did not break out, as they say. I'm 44 years old, but now after the operation1

Many thanks to Galyna for the result of rhinoplasty. The nose is now not just harmonious, but also breathable. The second for me was no less significant than the first. Galyna is a surgeon with an incredibly sensitive heart and an open mind. Honestly, I was worried, because all this plastic surgery did not inspire confidence in me))) But now1

Breast size always suited me, but after birth she sank. About surgery, if it is fair, did not blow out - simply there were no such thoughts. But at one point a close friend decided to make herself a gift - she put implants. I came out of curiosity to the site of her surgeon and found out about the1

Dear Galyna! Thank you very much for my nose and for the calmness and harmony that my life gained after the rhino! I wish you great success, creative achievements, because you are engaged in art, not in craft. Health to you and long life! I thank fate that she sent you to me. Now my nose is my pride, not1

I had a tubular chest - a congenital anomaly. This caused great discomfort. The operation would have done in any case, because in another way you can’t get rid of the problem. Since I was not satisfied with the size, I decided to install implants. The plastic surgeon Galyna Khrushch confirmed that this is possible. I pre-passed the tests, no1

I had problems with the nose - aquiline nose, and on the one hand. Because of this, the face looked, to put it mildly, unattractive. Moreover, I could barely breathe. If she was in the cold for a long time, her nose began to ache. Decided to plastic. I turned to Khrushch and did not regret it. My operation was1

And I just love Galyna Viktorovna and completely trust her!!!!))) Galyna, thank you for you gold hands!!!!

The results are really excellent! I did Silhouette Elevator at Galyna Viktorovna in 2012 year. The result remains to this day. There is no need to resort to anything else. I am sure that in the coming years, the issue of rejuvenation of the face for me is closed. Galyna Viktorovna is an excellent specialist. Huge thanks to her!

From all my heart I want to thank you again! The breast was just gorgeous! I'm glad that I turned to you) You changed my life! To all the staff of the clinic I also express my gratitude. Everything was at the highest level!

Breast augmentation lasted three years. The desire to increase the breast was from the age of 16. Finally, the decision to take the operation took after the failed relationship with MCH. My complexes completely destroyed our sex life. After a heavy parting, I decided to overcome my fear of surgery and do all the same increasing mammoplasty.

The year passed1

When I stopped breastfeeding, I noticed that my chest was a little saggy, and then I decided that I would not be prevented by a breast lift. Then I was not even going to increase anything. When I came to a consultation with Galyna Viktorovna, she suggested that I look at the photos with the results of her operations, and1

Hello, I did blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids, the full scope of the operation was determined by Galyna Viktorovna herself, since I only knew in general terms about blepharoplasty)) Galyna Viktorovna listened to me, told me what she sees and how she can change the appearance of the eyes. She completely trusted her recommendations and decided to make1

I always thought that I should love myself for what I have and turn all my shortcomings into dignities, what would be my own zest. And so she persuaded her friends that she did not yet give birth and did not lose the figure. Here, whatever one may say, if the chest hangs with the ears of a spaniel, it1

In June 2014, Galyna Viktorovna removed strong congenital asymmetry of the breast. Impressions about her work are extremely positive: from the first consultation to the last post-operative dressing! Very attentive, not indifferent to the anxieties and aspirations of the patient, with a good sense of humor and golden hands! At 40, it's hard to decide on changes in your life1

Galyna Viktorovna. Thank you very much!!! Tomorrow, my young face will be 9 months old (on January 14, 2014, I underwent rhinoplasty and upper blepharoplasty). I spent a very long time searching the internet for reviews about plastic surgeons, I was afraid of making a mistake. Intuition did not fail me. I'm very pleased with the result!!!