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Olga, Feb 23, 2018
Breast Augmentation

I do not know how to write beautifully and lofty)) But I can do it from the heart. With my soul I address to Galyna Viktorovna and thank her with all my heart. She made me breast augmentation. In general, my breast was complicated ... All the negative factors affected the shape and size. Plus, genetics and objective factors)) But the doctor's professionalism has overcome everything. She did correction through areoles. Implants, lifting, elimination of asymmetry, reduction of areola and plastic of the involved nipple (left). Everything was successful, I’m happy.

Den, Feb 21, 2018

I removed puffy circles under the eyes. I look vigorous, young)) To a man's plastic was treated badly until he tried it. I thank Galyna for transforming my views and for the results, of course!

Ksenia Karpenko, Feb 18, 2018

I still have plaster on my nose and rehabilitation at full speed. But I already want to say thank to Galyna Viktorovna. She has an easy hand, so I do not feel any inconvenience. All is good. At work, many are aware that I made a nose. And many are already planning to change something in themselves, looking at me. I'm happy with it. It's so nice when you get compliments. Their number will increase 10 times as soon as I take off the plaster and as soon as all the swelling subsides. Thank you, Galyna Viktorovna. I am pleased!

Lidiya Semenovna, Feb 6, 2018

I want to thank Galyna Khrushch for the operations, which I managed to do at the age of 60. This is a face lift - I myself do not believe that it's me when I look in the mirror. This abdominoplasty - the removal of fat and skin after losing weight by 30 kg. This brachioplasty is a correction of the hands. All this I did not at once, with breaks in a year and a half. This is all for now. The rest is quite satisfactory. Is that the chest, but it's not critical. A pensioner does not need to have a beautiful bust)) A person is yes. Galyna, thank you. If you ever need prof. help lawyer with a 30-year experience, please contact!

Roxana, Feb 02 2018

Galyna Viktorovna, I fly in the sky))) Thanks for the nose! Thank you for the breast! Yes, 2 operations - this is not an easy task, but how much positive and changes it brings to life! I wish you great happiness and prosperity! Thank you for the warmth, kindness and sincerity with which you work!

Valentina Karaseva, 20 Nov 2017

I decided to do blepharoplasty. After the operation, I looked younger: the look became open, the gloomy expression disappeared. The internal state has also improved - and it's wonderful! If I decide again on plastic surgery on my face, I'll do it with Galyna Viktorovna, because now I know for sure that this woman can be trusted!

Maria, 19 Nov 2017

After childbirth I began to complex in occasion of a stomach or belly. Refused to travel to the sea, she changed her tight-fitting clothes to a shabby one. She pretended that everything was fine. But at one point asked the question: how much can you deceive yourself? And I started looking for a plastic surgeon. Honestly, Galyna Khrushch chose intuitively - went to a consultation and trusted the first impression. After the operation, 8 months passed. The abdomen is flat, the shovel is neat. I hope that everything will be fine! I'm very pleased with the result, honestly! Thanks to my savior Galyna Viktorovna!

Nara, 16 Nov 2017

She did rhinoplasty with Galyna. Immediately after the removal of gypsum, the nose seemed large due to swelling, but even then it was already clear that the form became more aesthetic. Now all the tissues have healed and it is clear that the spout turned out cute. The doctor removed the hump and adjusted the lowered tip. As a result, there was an easy, barely perceptible snub-nosedness that very much goes to my face. About Galyna I can only say good things. I have never met such an attentive doctor. Very caring attitude towards patients, including in the postoperative period.

Katerina, 10 November. 2017

Galyna, thank you very very much! My little face is pretty much prettier! Mezo-threads work wonders ... but provided that they are put by Galyna)))) I kiss and embrace! Your Katya

Zoya D., Nov 07 2017

I made the plastic of the upper and lower eyelids at Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was necessary, because creases and bags added age, the look always seemed tired. The result is amazing - I look much younger. The rehabilitation period is short and painless enough. I was determined to endure, but I could not endure, as it turned out, nothing special - I did not have to go to any special sacrifices. If someone has the same problem as I had, please contact Galyna Viktorovna!

Anna Karpenko, 02 Nov 2017

I made the plastic of the upper and lower eyelids of Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was necessary, because creases and bags added age, the look always seemed tired. The result is amazing - I look much younger. The rehabilitation period is short and painless enough. I was determined to endure, but I could not endure, as it turned out, nothing special - I did not have to go to any special sacrifices. If someone has the same problem as I had, please contact Galyna Viktorovna!

Daria Gromova, 27 Oct 2017
Breast Augmentation

I increased my breast in Galyna in March this year. I'm very glad that I chose this surgeon. Tactful, accurate, caring woman! Patiently answered all my questions. And also, most importantly, listened attentively and took into account all the wishes. The operation was more than successful. We put anatomical high-profile implants with a volume of 350ml. The result is fully in line with expectations. Unequivocally recommend Galyna! I had an incomplete first size, and now a beautiful, lush chest, and there are no visible scars.

Marina Nikolaenko, Sept. 30 2017

In the summer Galyna Khrushch performed two surgeries at the same time – liposuction knees and blepharoplasty. Fat from the knees was removed with the help of RF-lipo, as it still perfectly tightens and rejuvenates the skin in the area where fat is removed. And the eyelids are transconjunctival, since there were hernias under the eyes. Neither on the knees, nor on the eyelids, there were no traces of the operation. I'm very pleased with the result!

Svetlana Shchukina, September 26 2017
Breast Augmentation

Of all my post-partum troubles, the smallest chest considered the largest. However, on September 12, thanks to Galyna, this problem was solved. Access through the armpits, put anatomical implants. I still wear compression underwear, but I already enjoy the splendor and beauty of my bust. Galyna, you are an incomparable talented doctor. I wish you success in the future!

Tatiana Korneyeva, September 23 2017

It's nice when you come to the doctor and you realize that you are in good hands. Probably, I would never have decided on endoscopy of the face, if I had not got to Galyna. Prior to her was 3 surgeons, but the spark did not break out, as they say. I'm 44 years old, but now after the operation and this no one will give me. The middle zone is taut, the contour is sharp, and cheeks have risen. Great thanks to Galyna for such natural changes on my face!

Oleg Mityagov, September 19 2017

Many thanks to Galyna for the result of rhinoplasty. The nose is now not just harmonious, but also breathable. The second for me was no less significant than the first. Galyna is a surgeon with an incredibly sensitive heart and an open mind. Honestly, I was worried, because all this plastic surgery did not inspire confidence in me))) But now I understand - it's a cool thing!

Elena Butorina, September 12, 2017
Breast Augmentation

Breast size always suited me, but after birth she sank. About surgery, if it is fair, did not blow out - simply there were no such thoughts. But at one point a close friend decided to make herself a gift - she put implants. I came out of curiosity to the site of her surgeon and found out about the existence of such an operation as a lift. It turned out that this is the perfect solution to my problem! Followed the example of a friend I turned to Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was successful, the chest returned to its previous form. There were no visible traces on the body. If you do not know where to look, you will not find it. Thank you doctor for the beautiful natural result!

Larisa Butler, Aug. 29 2017

Dear Galyna! Thank you very much for my nose and for the calmness and harmony that my life gained after the rhino! I wish you great success, creative achievements, because you are engaged in art, not in craft. Health to you and long life! I thank fate that she sent you to me. Now my nose is my pride, not a matter of regret!

Evgeniya Barskaya, 11 Aug. 2017
Breast Augmentation

I had a tubular chest - a congenital anomaly. This caused great discomfort. The operation would have done in any case, because in another way you can’t get rid of the problem. Since I was not satisfied with the size, I decided to install implants. The plastic surgeon Galyna Khrushch confirmed that this is possible. I pre-passed the tests, no contraindications. The operation went well. At first, the breasts seemed too big because of the swelling. Yes, and then until the full recovery, I constantly nagged at her, because I was afraid that something could go wrong. But now I have a beautiful third size, neat nipples and thus no visible traces of interference. Thanks to Galyna Viktorovna and for the excellent result, and for the iron patience. I asked her so many stupid questions that now I'm even ashamed. Very satisfied and infinitely grateful!

Ksenia Shulgina, Aug. 02 2017

I had problems with the nose - aquiline nose, and on the one hand. Because of this, the face looked, to put it mildly, unattractive. Moreover, I could barely breathe. If she was in the cold for a long time, her nose began to ache. Decided to plastic. I turned to Khrushch and did not regret it. My operation was successful. The same can be said about rehabilitation. The most unpleasant thing is the procedure for removing turundas. Besides, that the skin at me sensitive, ecchymoses and edemas were not especially expressed, and have descended already for 10 day. Now the nose is even, it breathes freely. I am very pleased and grateful to Galyna Viktorovna! Girls, do not be afraid to do rhinoplasty. Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but if the surgeon is a real professional, they will be minimal!