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It's no secret that a beautiful appearance for a woman is an integral part of a successful career, a pledge of her sexuality and family happiness. That's why modern women do not expect a "miracle from nature" but prefer to actively pursue their appearance. Regular visits to the gym, proper nutrition, active types of hobbies and daily cosmetic care in many ways determine the external appeal. The desire to be beautiful and exciting is important for a woman of any age. But what to do when, cosmetics no longer hide the problem and, despite all the efforts, the face shows the first signs of age-related changes? Skin laxity, roughness of the relief, lackluster skin color, sagging of soft tissues (ptosis), formation of wrinkles and fine wrinkles on the face are the initial signs of tissue involution, which can’t be "closed". The totality of these features is associated with age-related changes, even if they are observed in young girls and undoubtedly require correction.

Threadlifting - filamentary meso-reinforcement of tissues is a new non-surgical aesthetic technique of strengthening and lifting of sagging tissues by implantation of self-absorbable sterile synthetic filamentous structures (analogue of suture material) based on polydiaxonone.

What is a meso-thread?

Meso-thread is a system consisting of a sterile thread of various diameters placed in the lumen of the injector needle. The thread itself is made of suture material - polydiaxonone. This material is characterized by high biocompatibility, inertness and elasticity. In tissues, the filament completely resolves within 6-9 months with the formation of non-toxic carbon dioxide and water. The injection needle is made of surgical steel and is absolutely sterile. Elasticity and flexibility of the needle allow it to flex and work in the zones of the relief difference. Due to these properties, the meso-thread can be installed in different planes with the capture of tissues of adjacent layers, as a result of which the procedure provides a three-dimensional volumetric modeling of the face and body cover tissues and a long resorption of the thread allows saving the result to 1.5-2 years.

How is the procedure of a thread lifting performed?

The procedure for entering meso-threads is low-traumatic and does not require the conduct of incisions.

Initially, an application anesthetic is performed with a special anesthetic cream. Such anesthesia allows you to abandon more traumatic injectable anesthesia, minimize the risk of reaction to anesthetic and significant hematomas. It is possible to re-apply the anesthetic to achieve comfortable and complete analgesia.

After anesthesia, the meso-threads are injected through puncture points that leave no traces on the skin. After inserting the miniature needle into the skin, the thread is easily detached and remains inside the tissues, and then the needle-conductor is removed from the skin. To achieve the best result, the needles are removed only after implanting the necessary number of threads for a given area.

Effect from the installation of meso-threads

Threadlifting triggers in the integumentary tissues two main processes - biodegradation and neocollagenesis. Biodegradation (resorption), the implanted thread is exposed. Complete resorption of the thread takes about 9 months. Simultaneously around the thread, new collagen fibers are formed, which are oriented in accordance with the arrangement of the meso-threads. Thus, around the meso-threads, a collagen frame is gradually formed, which keeps the tissues from sagging, tightens the skin, improves its quality and relief.


Improving the quality of the skin by stimulating metabolic processes, improving the trophism (nutrition) of tissues;

Condensation of flabby skin as a result of formation of a collagenous framework;

A delicate lifting effect is provided by contraction and pulling of tissues with fibers of newly formed collagen in a given direction (vector displacement);

The effect of filling and smoothing out the relief differences arises from the multidirectional introduction of mesonites into various layers of cover tissues;

Meso-threads indirectly stimulate muscle tone, preventing premature relaxation and stretching of the facial muscles;

When setting the meso-threads in the thigh and buttocks, a certain lipolytic effect is observed due to mechanical trauma to the subcutaneous fat and the destruction of fat cells, followed by their replacement with neocollagen; there is also a positive effect on striae (stretch marks) and relief differences.

The result of the reinforcement of the mezzanines is preserved up to 2 years.

After threadlifting

The introduction of the meso-threads is painless, minor traumatic and short-lived; therefore it is well tolerated by patients. The rehabilitation process takes an average of 3-4 days. Immediately after the procedure, swelling and redness can occur in the areas of introduction of the filaments. When staging a large number of meso-threads, there may be small bruises. Also, in the field of active mimic movements, tingling sensations may appear. Usually all these unpleasant sensations do not require special treatment and go on their own for 4-7 days.

Advantages of thread lifting

  • Safety (high biocompatibility with tissues and complete resorption of threads with the formation of water and carbon dioxide);
  • Small traumatic procedure;
  • Use of application anesthesia, which is easily tolerated by patients, the possibility of repeated application of analgesics to achieve comfortable anesthesia;
  • Minimal rehabilitation period (on average 3-4 days);
  • A short time for the procedure is 30-40 minutes;
  • Ease of the procedure;
  • Effective visible result, which is growing for another 1-2 months;
  • The possibility of combining with other methods of aesthetic correction of involutive changes (mesotherapy, botulinum therapy, plasmolifting, peeling, contour plasty by hyaluronic acid-based fillers, etc.);
  • Long-lasting effect of the procedure (up to 2 years).

The main indications for the reinforcement of the mezzanine

  • Presence of involuntary changes in facial skin;
  • Gravitational ptosis of tissues of 1 degree;
  • Atrophic changes in the structure of the skin of the face and body;
  • Laxity of the tissues on the buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs;
  • Unevenness of the relief of the skin after liposuction;
  • Age-related decrease in the elasticity of the tissues of the middle and lower third of the face;
  • Static wrinkles of the face;
  • Prevention of age-related changes;
  • Differences in the face relief due to the formation or significant deepening of folds and furrows.

Types of meso-threads

To date, there are several types of meso-threads, resulting from the accumulation of clinical experience and the improvement of the technique of threadlifting.

Conventionally, three generations of meso-threads can be distinguished:

  • Linear mono-thread with a smooth surface - stimulates the production of new collagen, create a skeleton in the skin and tighten flabby tissues.
  • Threads in the form of "braids", nodules or spirals - additionally have a delicate lifting effect and limited filling effect;
  • Meso-threads with notches (one-bifurcated) - additionally have the effect of vector (purposeful) movement of tissues to a given point (fixation point).
  • Meso-threads with bidirectional notches are oriented in different planes.
  • All three generations of meso-threads are designed to solve certain aesthetic problems, can be used either individually or in combination.


The aesthetic procedure for reinforcement the meso-threads is not very traumatic, easily absorbed by patients, provides convincing rejuvenation results for 1.5 to 2 years, but has its limitations for use. Such contraindications include:

  • Infectious and inflammatory processes in the zone of planned implantation of meso-threads;
  • Malignant neoplasms in the proposed site of the procedure;
  • Early period after plastic surgery or setting of threads from another type of suture material;
  • The presence of non- absorbable gels (fillers, tissue implants) in the area of ​​the proposed correction;
  • Propensity to form keloid scars;
  • Feverish conditions (ARVI, URI, etc.);
  • Individual intolerance to suture material or polyvalent allergy. In this case, it is necessary to conduct clinical tests that confirm or disprove the presence of allergies;
  • Autoimmune diseases, collagenoses;
  • Mental diseases;
  • Diseases associated with bleeding disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • Reception of anticoagulants or immunosuppressors;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Exaggerated expectations of the patient.


The use of meso-threads in aesthetic medicine is the method of choice for effective and safe rejuvenation, delicate thread lifting, improving the elasticity and tone of the skin, improving trophism of tissues and stimulating the process of neocollagenesis.

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I do not know how to write beautifully and lofty)) But I can do it from the heart. With my soul I address to Galyna Viktorovna and thank her with all my heart. She made me breast augmentation. In general, my breast was complicated ... All the negative factors affected the shape and size. Plus, genetics and objective factors)) But1

I removed puffy circles under the eyes. I look vigorous, young)) To a man's plastic was treated badly until he tried it. I thank Galyna for transforming my views and for the results, of course!

I still have plaster on my nose and rehabilitation at full speed. But I already want to say thank to Galyna Viktorovna. She has an easy hand, so I do not feel any inconvenience. All is good. At work, many are aware that I made a nose. And many are already planning to change something in themselves, looking at me.1

I want to thank Galyna Khrushch for the operations, which I managed to do at the age of 60. This is a face lift - I myself do not believe that it's me when I look in the mirror. This abdominoplasty - the removal of fat and skin after losing weight by 30 kg. This brachioplasty is a correction of1

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I decided to do blepharoplasty. After the operation, I looked younger: the look became open, the gloomy expression disappeared. The internal state has also improved - and it's wonderful! If I decide again on plastic surgery on my face, I'll do it with Galyna Viktorovna, because now I know for sure that this woman can be trusted!

After childbirth I began to complex in occasion of a stomach or belly. Refused to travel to the sea, she changed her tight-fitting clothes to a shabby one. She pretended that everything was fine. But at one point asked the question: how much can you deceive yourself? And I started looking for a plastic surgeon. Honestly, Galyna Khrushch chose intuitively1

She did rhinoplasty with Galyna. Immediately after the removal of gypsum, the nose seemed large due to swelling, but even then it was already clear that the form became more aesthetic. Now all the tissues have healed and it is clear that the spout turned out cute. The doctor removed the hump and adjusted the lowered tip. As a result,1

Galyna, thank you very very much! My little face is pretty much prettier! Mezo-threads work wonders ... but provided that they are put by Galyna)))) I kiss and embrace! Your Katya

I made the plastic of the upper and lower eyelids at Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was necessary, because creases and bags added age, the look always seemed tired. The result is amazing - I look much younger. The rehabilitation period is short and painless enough. I was determined to endure, but I could not endure, as it turned out, nothing1

I made the plastic of the upper and lower eyelids of Galyna Khrushch. The surgery was necessary, because creases and bags added age, the look always seemed tired. The result is amazing - I look much younger. The rehabilitation period is short and painless enough. I was determined to endure, but I could not endure, as it turned out, nothing1

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Of all my post-partum troubles, the smallest chest considered the largest. However, on September 12, thanks to Galyna, this problem was solved. Access through the armpits, put anatomical implants. I still wear compression underwear, but I already enjoy the splendor and beauty of my bust. Galyna, you are an incomparable talented doctor. I wish you success in the future!

It's nice when you come to the doctor and you realize that you are in good hands. Probably, I would never have decided on endoscopy of the face, if I had not got to Galyna. Prior to her was 3 surgeons, but the spark did not break out, as they say. I'm 44 years old, but now after the operation1

Many thanks to Galyna for the result of rhinoplasty. The nose is now not just harmonious, but also breathable. The second for me was no less significant than the first. Galyna is a surgeon with an incredibly sensitive heart and an open mind. Honestly, I was worried, because all this plastic surgery did not inspire confidence in me))) But now1

Breast size always suited me, but after birth she sank. About surgery, if it is fair, did not blow out - simply there were no such thoughts. But at one point a close friend decided to make herself a gift - she put implants. I came out of curiosity to the site of her surgeon and found out about the1

Dear Galyna! Thank you very much for my nose and for the calmness and harmony that my life gained after the rhino! I wish you great success, creative achievements, because you are engaged in art, not in craft. Health to you and long life! I thank fate that she sent you to me. Now my nose is my pride, not1

I had a tubular chest - a congenital anomaly. This caused great discomfort. The operation would have done in any case, because in another way you can’t get rid of the problem. Since I was not satisfied with the size, I decided to install implants. The plastic surgeon Galyna Khrushch confirmed that this is possible. I pre-passed the tests, no1

I had problems with the nose - aquiline nose, and on the one hand. Because of this, the face looked, to put it mildly, unattractive. Moreover, I could barely breathe. If she was in the cold for a long time, her nose began to ache. Decided to plastic. I turned to Khrushch and did not regret it. My operation was1

And I just love Galyna Viktorovna and completely trust her!!!!))) Galyna, thank you for you gold hands!!!!

The results are really excellent! I did Silhouette Elevator at Galyna Viktorovna in 2012 year. The result remains to this day. There is no need to resort to anything else. I am sure that in the coming years, the issue of rejuvenation of the face for me is closed. Galyna Viktorovna is an excellent specialist. Huge thanks to her!

From all my heart I want to thank you again! The breast was just gorgeous! I'm glad that I turned to you) You changed my life! To all the staff of the clinic I also express my gratitude. Everything was at the highest level!

Breast augmentation lasted three years. The desire to increase the breast was from the age of 16. Finally, the decision to take the operation took after the failed relationship with MCH. My complexes completely destroyed our sex life. After a heavy parting, I decided to overcome my fear of surgery and do all the same increasing mammoplasty.

The year passed1

When I stopped breastfeeding, I noticed that my chest was a little saggy, and then I decided that I would not be prevented by a breast lift. Then I was not even going to increase anything. When I came to a consultation with Galyna Viktorovna, she suggested that I look at the photos with the results of her operations, and1

Hello, I did blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids, the full scope of the operation was determined by Galyna Viktorovna herself, since I only knew in general terms about blepharoplasty)) Galyna Viktorovna listened to me, told me what she sees and how she can change the appearance of the eyes. She completely trusted her recommendations and decided to make1

I always thought that I should love myself for what I have and turn all my shortcomings into dignities, what would be my own zest. And so she persuaded her friends that she did not yet give birth and did not lose the figure. Here, whatever one may say, if the chest hangs with the ears of a spaniel, it1

In June 2014, Galyna Viktorovna removed strong congenital asymmetry of the breast. Impressions about her work are extremely positive: from the first consultation to the last post-operative dressing! Very attentive, not indifferent to the anxieties and aspirations of the patient, with a good sense of humor and golden hands! At 40, it's hard to decide on changes in your life1

Galyna Viktorovna. Thank you very much!!! Tomorrow, my young face will be 9 months old (on January 14, 2014, I underwent rhinoplasty and upper blepharoplasty). I spent a very long time searching the internet for reviews about plastic surgeons, I was afraid of making a mistake. Intuition did not fail me. I'm very pleased with the result!!!